We provide the Business Creation Program to severely impoverished women in our community. Participants take a 5-day classroom seminar to offer career guidance and teach:

Participants then work with experts in the field to learn trade skills and/or wholesale negotiation. They join our savings and loan Microfinance Program, where they are enabled to take a micro loan to cover the start-up costs of their new small business. The trade experts follow up on the new businesses and survey their progress for one full calendar year after launch. Women in our program have been empowered to support and sustain their families and reach an elevated status of leadership in their households and community. Some of our participants have even become politically active in their community, running for public office.

It costs $50 for one woman to complete the Business Skills Seminar, and approximately $335 is needed for a start-up loan for each new business. Every time we have reached funding of $385 towards the Business Creation Program, we can give another impoverished woman in Kara Kore a business opportunity that will empower her to support her family, have financial sustainability, and become a leader in her community.