Feben is 12 years old. Her favorite color is yellow, and claims her favorite food is a fried egg. Feben loves the subject Amharic in school, and she would like to be a doctor when she grows up.

Feben never knew her father. She was raised by her mother until October 2014, until her mother became ill and went to the hospital. In November 2014, Feben's mother passed away. Orphaned, she went to the neighbor's house to live, but no one in her impoverished neighborhood had the space or means to take care of her. She was passed between 4 different homes in her neighborhood within one month, all while she was grieving her mother's passing. She is currently not enrolled in school because of her difficult year. Feben needs to be enrolled in an advanced curriculum school to get her caught up. She currently has only a 3rd grade education, despite her age of 12 years.

In December, the local authorities brought Feben to live in Lelt Foundation's Girl's House. This is not a temporary foster home, but a permanent, loving environment centered around love and stability, with a focus on higher education. Feben needs a sponsor to cover her living expenses. To sponsor Feben in Lelt's Girls' House. If she is sponsored for $35/month, Feben will have her daily expenses paid. For an additional $15/month, she can be enrolled in an advanced school in Kara Kore, Ethiopia, to help her catch up in her education.


Sponsor Feben for $35/month,
or Feben and her education for $50/month

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