The main school in the neighborhood of Kara Kore is extremely overcrowded. For each teacher, there is an average of 100 students. Since they receive no one-on-one attention, many children struggle in their studies. Some never learn to read and write.

With support from donors like you, the Lelt Foundation provides a higher level of schooling for students in Kara Kore. The children we have placed in smaller schools have all had tremendous success. We believe that this focused education is a pathway to college and a successful future.

It costs $20/month to provide a quality education to a child in Kara Kore. Please donate to a child’s future today.

Lelt Foundation also provides after-school tutoring 6 days a week. 78 children come to our Community Center every week for English, Amharic, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Art classes.



39 women and 4 men are learning to read and write in our Adult Education class, which meets 4 days a week. This class will empower them to apply for better jobs, assist their children with their homework, and keep business management records for their own small businesses. It costs $10/month to provide a woman in Kara Kore with Adult Education Classes.

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