Yayesh ranked #2 out of 65 at year end’s graduation in her advanced school. Prior to joining two years ago, Yayesh could not read or write.


Lelt needs YOUR help! Thirty-three children from our Sponsored Children Program have been selected for an extraordinary opportunity: to attend a small school with an advanced curriculum in our village of Kara Kore, Ethiopia. This advanced education will be pivotal in empowering these children to pull themselves and their families out of poverty. A staggering 90% of children in Kara Kore who attend these advanced schools go on to college, as opposed to less than 10% who attend public schools.

In Ethiopia, there are three tiers of schools: public, semi-private, and private. Unfortunately, Kara Kore public schools are overcrowded, poorly managed, and lack the necessary resources like pencils, books and desks. Semi-private schools, on the other hand, have smaller class sizes, more qualified teachers, and an aggressive curriculum that prepares students for success. They are also very affordable at $20/month.

We need 23 more sponsors to get all of our children into this advanced school! Please click this button to create your sponsorship for a student in Kara Kore. Lelt Foundation will update you with the child’s progress periodically throughout the year with quotes and photos.

Children in Lelt’s programs, writing updates to their sponsors

Students at an advanced school in Kara Kore

Robot attends an advanced school in our community