Farm Animals for Families

Help our families in Kara Kore, Ethiopia, start their own micro-business. We train them, help them grow, and watch them become self-sufficient. All they need from you is a goat... or a chicken, or a carrot... Your gift will be given in the form of a loan to the new business owners, so when they pay it back, another new business owner will get your goat, chicken or carrot again. Your donation will keep regenerating itself as the loans are repaid.


These little ladies supply lots and lots of eggs. Food for the family, and income at the market. And an entire chicken could generate a profit of half a week’s wage during holiday seasons! Supply chickens, and you are supplying a business.


Wool, protein, and fertilizer. A sheep supplies all of these things, which are desirable in Ethiopia, and so a sheep herd makes a good business in the community of Kara Kore. Sheep often give birth to twins and triplets, which makes the growing of herds attainable for our needy families.


This little bearded gal will make some lucky family in Kara Kore very happy! Not only does she supply yummy and nutritious milk, but she is easy to breed, is high in protein and fetches a pretty price during the holiday season! Goat skins are also very strong and versatile, and the manure is an excellent fertilizer. Goats often have 2 to 3 kids a year, which will help the family’s business exponentially.