August 2014


Throughout July and August, the Summer Session of classes has been meeting 5 days a week at Lelt Foundation’s Community Center. Children came daily for classes in English, Amharic, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Art. They also had a nutritious hot lunch and play time every day. The children are on break from classes until the new school year begins. (photo captions could include that the teacher is named Hermela. She is the one in the middle of all of the kids)


At 16 years old, Enaye left school to marry the man her parents had chosen for her. A few months later, she was pregnant with the first of five children. Since Enaye had no trade skills and little education, she could not help her husband support the family. So she stayed home to care for her children.

Then Enaye's husband disappeared and she was left to provide for her children alone. With no other option, Enaye went to work washing laundry in the river and gathering firewood for her neighbors. Although Enaye spent entire days working like this, she earned very little. Living in their small tin hut and surviving on only a few coins a day, life was far from easy for Enaye's family. Her children were facing serious malnourishment.

Then in April 2012, Enaye's oldest son Getahun joined Lelt Foundation's Child Sponsorship Program. He began receiving hot, nutritious daily lunches at Lelt's Community Center and began attending after-school tutoring sessions. Now, he is healthy and focused with a promising future ahead of him.

Enaye signed up for Lelt's Adult Education classes where she learned to read and write. Through Lelt's Business Creation Program, she also trained through classroom seminars and on-site job training courses. After her training was complete, Enaye took out a microloan from the Lelt Foundation that enabled her to purchase animals and materials so that she could start her own small chicken and sheep farm. In the past two years, Enaye has multiplied her livestock by 23%. She is no longer the severely impoverished and malnourished woman she was two years ago - instead, she is a proud and accomplished business owner, carving out a bright future for her family. All of this is possible thanks to Lelt Foundation supporters. Lelt's goal is to empower men and women in Kara Kore to achieve financial independence. In time, Enaye will be able to support her family without Lelt's assistance, and she and her family will break their cycle of poverty.