July 2014


July was a month of enormous growth for us in Ethiopia. Thanks to support from Lelt’s donors, we moved into a new Community Center 3 weeks ago, in June. This newly constructed compound will allow us to double our size on the ground in Kara Kore. Lelt’s previous Center was half the size and did not have appropriate space to feed our 115 sponsored children. Our new Community Center features a dedicated dining room for your sponsored child’s daily lunch, and all of Lelt’s administrative offices. In addition, we have a separate library and music room, and modern plumbing, including multiple bathrooms, sinks, and showers. There are also separate living quarters for the Lelt Foundation’s Boys’ Home, which is a permanent Family Home for orphaned children, centered around love, support, and higher education.

Newly constructed over the past year, our Community Center is modern and offers up-to-date amenities. But after a long period of construction, the outdoor space was left with building debris and a muddy terrain, which will slowly be transformed. Port Chester Middle School in New York has funded a vegetable garden of onions, carrots, lettuce, and garlic that will help feed our children daily. In addition, we dream of adding a beautiful yard, sports area, and swing set. We want our children to walk through Lelt’s gates and feel a haven of warmth, safety, peace, and a sanctuary for children. Despite the daily obstacles of extreme poverty in Kara Kore, our children have a place of refuge to visit every day, thanks to Lelt donors’ continued support.

Education First

Lelt Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our new Educational Sponsorship Program, which places top ranking students from our programs into highly-rated advanced schools in our Ethiopian community. This coming school year, 22 children have been selected to attend semi-private schools, which have smaller class sizes, more qualified teachers, better facilities, and an advanced curriculum.

Two years ago, before entering an advanced school in Kara Kore, Yayesh could not read or write. At her graduation from this school, she ranked #2 out of 65 students. The results speak for themselves: a staggering 90% of students in Ethiopia who graduate from advanced schools go on to college, as opposed to only 10% who attend public school. This is the tangible change that can happen as a result of an Educational Sponsorship. Learn how you can be a part of this change here.