May 2014


Before they joined Lelt Foundation's programs in April 2012, Abdurazak's family struggled every day to survive. Because Abdurazak's mother Ayisha could not find consistent employment, their family often went days without eating. Abdurazak's little brother, Abdul, suffered the worst -- at two and a half years old, he was still unable to walk. Abdul was so malnourished that he was the size of a 9-month-old.

When a Lelt Foundation sponsor began supporting this family, their situation improved instantly. Ayisha began receiving food rations for her family and Abdul was given a vitamin-enriched toddler formula. Within two months, Abdul had gained several pounds and was beginning to walk. Today, Abdul is walking, running, and getting into everything, just as a four-and-a-half year-old boy should. His older brother Abdurazak comes to Lelt's Community Center for daily meals and after-school tutoring. He is healthy and doing well in school. Ayisha joined Lelt's Business Training Program and started a vegetable business. She now owns a kiosk at Kare Kore's local market and is able to provide for her family. With her business growing daily, Ayisha will soon be able to live independent of aid. When that day comes, she will have successfully pulled her family out of the cycle of poverty that her ancestors had been caught in for so many generations. All of this is made possible thanks to the support of Abdurazak's sponsor.


Eyerusalem’s Story

Before they joined Lelt Foundation's aid programs, Eyerusalem Fikire and her daughter Kalkidan were struggling to survive. Kalkidan was too hungry and weak to attend school, and Eyerusalem has suffered for years from a life-threatening illness that left her unable to work.

After this family joined our program in January, Eyerusalem began receiving medication for her illness as well as food rations for her family. Kalkidan started coming to our Community Center every day for nutritious lunches. With her renewed strength, Kalkidan is now healthy and attending school regularly.

Eyerusalem's health has begun to improve and she enrolled in Lelt's Adult Education Classes. Now, she attends classes four days a week and has begun to learn to read and write. Thanks to her new skills, Eyerusalem has secured a job in a city-run health clinic, where she earns an income to help support her family.

Thanks to her hard work, perseverance, and the help of her sponsor, Eyerusalem is now on the path to complete financial independence. She is pulling her family out of the cycle of poverty.