October 2014


There is an old saying in Ethiopia that the young woman who plays like a child will never find a husband.
So once girls become teenagers, they generally stick to domestic work and babysit their siblings. Most women in Kara Kore don’t have any sort of athletic fun or games in their lives. Lelt’s directors saw the way the mothers looked nostalgically at their children playing football and had an idea; they decided they would organize ball games with all-women teams during Lelt Foundation celebrations.
In September, we hosted a party at Lelt’s Community Center to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year. Mamas came with a string of children following behind them to join in the festivities. Lelt directors set up football and tetherball tournaments between the women in our community. Children couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their mothers jumping around, laughing and chasing a ball. Our mamas were having the times of their lives! They played game after game and didn’t stop until we had to empty the courtyard.

In Kara Kore, women are extremely disadvantaged. Over 60% dropped out of of school before they turned 13 to help their mothers at home or to marry early. They often work the hardest, make the least amount of money, and are not treated as equals in their society. To get opportunities to experience simple things like playing a game of soccer is extremely memorable for our mamas. Together, with your support, we are empowering the women of our community.


Lelt Foundation combats severe malnutrition in Kara Kore, Ethiopia. Please join us in our fight against hunger on World Food Day


We are grateful for our partnership with Days for Girls. This nonprofit organization donated feminine supply kits to Lelt Foundation's older girls in Kara Kore. These kits contain a fabric feminine pad system that can be washed and reused for years. Not having access to feminine products has created some difficult days for our girls. With DfG's help, our girls will no longer miss school for a week each month!

On October 11th, Lelt Foundation celebrated International Day of the Girl Child. We strengthen our commitment to keeping girls in school and college-bound in Kara Kore, Ethiopia.