January 2015

Let’s be audacious in empowering women and ending poverty in Africa

African women can be and will be agents of change for the development of Africa, said Geraldine J. Fraser-Moleketi, African Development Bank’s Special Envoy on Gender.

During a pre-summit consultative meeting on gender that took place on January 20 to 22 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Fraser-Moleketi emphasized the importance of engaging women in economic growth and structural transformation.

“Women continue to play a central role in putting an end to extreme poverty, promoting education and achieving economic growth across the continent,” she said. However, in some African countries, discrimination against women in the labor market, property law, and access to education still hinder women from contributing to the well-being of her family and herself and the economic growth of the society.

To combat poverty and gender inequality, Lelt Foundation has launched a Business Creation Program to severely impoverished women in Kara Kore, Ethiopia. Participants take a 5-day seminar to learn business skills and money management and get hands-on experience by working with trade experts. They then join our Microfinance Program to take a micro-loan to start their new business.
Over the past two years, more than 65 women have taken our micro-loans to kick-start their new career. Some of the business include chicken and sheep farming, growing vegetables, produce wholesale, weaving, and coffee kiosks. Through managing their trade, these women have improved their family income, created financial independence, and cultivated leadership in both domestic and public sphere.

You can join us and give women in Kara Kore an opportunity that will empower her to financially support her family, create jobs, and find her strength and leadership.

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