March 2015

Improving the education for our students in Kara Kore, Ethiopia

For the 2014/15 school year, Lelt selected 26 children to transfer from the local public school in our Ethiopian neighborhood to Repi Kalehiwot Primary School, which provides an advanced curriculum. Students who attend this school have a 90% college enrollment rate.

The first group of children selected for this special school were Lelt Foundation's highest academic achievers from our community. These children worked very hard in our tutoring programs and in their public school. The best reward for their good work and high grades is to send them to a reputable, high-ranking school.

We also selected some “high risk” students and transferred them to Repi Kalehiwot. This group of children includes girls who would traditionally leave school early to marry or help at home. In Ethiopia, 60% of adolescent girls drop out of school for these two reasons. If these girls are sent to an advanced curriculum school, however, their families will feel a renewed sense of ambition and excitement for their daughter's to complete their education and find future financial and employment success.

Our Repi Kalehiwot students are enthusiastic about their improved education. Some children reported that they have more than doubled their school subjects: they are now taking 10 courses at Repi Kalehiwot, instead of 4 courses in the public school. In addition, PE classes were not offered in public school, and now the children have an exercise outlet scheduled every day. Repi Kalehiwot School boasts a strong and competitive girls’ soccer team, which gives our girls a chance to learn and practice leadership and social skills through team sports. Students at Repi Kalehiwot are also taking computer training in an IT course, an experience that most children in Kara Kore never would be exposed to.
Our students remarked about how advanced and large the school library is at Repi Kalehiwot, while the library in the public school has a room full of empty book shelves. Most importantly, the teachers are certified, well-trained, friendly and engaging.

Lelt's sponsored children are extremely enthusiastic about their new school and opportunities it offers them for the future. Lelt believes affording students this focus on academic achievement, in a rich learning environment, will be a great investment in the future of Ethiopia.

Lelt Foundation would like to thank our donors and child sponsors for making this possible, and we will continue working on advancing the learning environment in Kara Kore.