Zinash Wabe went from growing up in a village with no schools to becoming a business owner in Kara Kore

"I grew up in the Gurage region of Ethiopia. The closest school was too far away, so no one in my family got a formal education. When I was twelve or thirteen, my parents arranged my marriage to Nigussie - a man I had never met.

After a few years, I became very ill and could not get better. So I traveled to Addis Ababa for treatment. There I learned that Nigussie had another wife. It was a very difficult and frightening time for me, but I decided to divorce him and move my family to the city to work and support them. We moved to Kara Kore, on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, where I rented a house and found a position as a maid.

When Nigussie later asked me to reconcile, I agreed for the sake of our children. Although my husband and I were ill and it was difficult for us to work, we now receive medication that keeps us well. Thankfully, all five of our children have been healthy.

When our son Yosef was sponsored through the Lelt Foundation, my family's situation got much better. Yosef goes to school and gets a good lunch every day, and we receive food every month. I took a training class through Lelt to help me start my own business and now I have a stall at the Kara Kore market selling corn, tomatoes and potatoes. I have a lot of appreciation for Lelt and Yosef's sponsor. Our lives are so much better thanks to them."

We are now in great need of sponsors for these children in Hosanna. Please go to Lelt's Child Sponsorship Child Sponsorship page to help a family of the Beta Israel community.

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