December 2015

On Giving Tuesday, GIVE BACK!! This is Kalkidan and her mother Elsabeth in Kara Kore, Ethiopia. The mud hut they live in is 50 years old, so the walls are crumbing apart and the tin roof is rusted through. Rain and cold air pour into their home.
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November 2015

In the First World, we rarely think about the ease in which water is available to us for drinking, bathing, cooking, and watering our lawns. In Kara Kore, Ehiopia, they think about water all the time. Entire neighborhoods are often completely deprived, the water for the community is turned off for days at a time so it can be diverted to the more affluent sections of Addis Ababa. Kara Kore families are then forced to use dirty water from stagnant puddles or ponds-- breeding grounds for flies, mosquitoes and disease. read more

October 2015

"I grew up in the Gurage region of Ethiopia. The closest school was too far away, so no one in my family got a formal education. When I was twelve or thirteen, my parents arranged my marriage to Nigussie - a man I had never met. read more

September 2015

The Beta Israel, merchants and artisans from various regional countries, arrived in Ethiopia between the first and sixth centuries. They were sometimes treated well by the Ethiopian monarchy, but they were mostly persecuted because of their religion. In 1624, the ruling king's army captured many Ethiopian Jews, forcibly baptized them and denied them the right to own land. read more

Enaye's story: A victim of abuse changes her future with the help of Lelt's programs

Enaye came from the Jima region of Ethiopia, where she felt that women and girls are given little respect. Her own family treated her as a second-class citizen; they forced Enaye to quit school and marry when she was still a girl. Although she was too young to wed and nervous about the arranged marriage, she had to obey her parents.
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May 2015

Creatures of Comfort teams up with Not-For-Profit organization Lelt Foundation to create #CoCxLF: A Fair Trade capsule collection, made in Ethiopia

Jade Lai, owner of cool LA / NYC retailer, and designer of private label collection; Creatures of Comfort collaborates with New York-engined, Ethiopian-based NFP Lelt Foundation to create a summer-cool, wearable Fair Trade capsule collection.
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April 2015

North Park Kids For Peace sold ‪lemonade in mid-April‬ to raise funds for ‪Lelt Foundation's playground equipment and ‪library books‬. Lelt Foundation thanks you and your empathetic mission, NPK4P!
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March 2015

Improving the education for our students in Kara Kore, Ethiopia

For the 2014/15 school year, Lelt selected 26 children to transfer from the local public school in our Ethiopian neighborhood to Repi Kalehiwot Primary School, which provides an advanced curriculum. Students who attend this school have a 90% college enrollment rate. read more

January 2015

Let’s be audacious in empowering women and ending poverty in Africa

African women can be and will be agents of change for the development of Africa, said Geraldine J. Fraser-Moleketi, African Development Bank’s Special Envoy on Gender.
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