Small Business for Families

Help our families in Kara Kore, Ethiopia, start their own micro-business. We train them, help them grow, and watch them become self-sufficient. All they need from you is some vegetable, a water spiget or an injera cooker. Your gift will be given in the form of a loan to the new business owners, so when they pay it back, another new business owner will get your goat, chicken or carrot again. Your donation will keep regenerating itself as the loans are repaid.


Carrots and turnips and beets, oh my! Food for the family and income at the market. Sounds like a win-win.


Chicken wire. Lumber. And don’t forget the hay, folks. Believe it or not, it gets cold at night in Ethiopia. We want those sweet little hens to be warm, cozy, and healthy while they are sitting on their eggs.


Selling kitchenware, fresh baked food, or personal supplies are profitable storefronts at the local market in Kara Kore. About 100 bucks can completely outfit a new business owner with an entire shop worth of merchandise.

These start-up costs will be given in the form of a loan. When the new shop owner repays the loan, that money will be given in the form of a loan to the next new business owner in the program. So your one-time donation can actually create many shops at the Kara Kore market as your loan regenerates itself...


Injera is the national bread of Ethiopia, which is best described as a tangy crepe. Injera to an Ethiopian is like rice to the Japanese or potatoes to an Idahoan. It is an everyday staple. Some of our families are going to make a business out of selling injera at the market to people who don’t have one of these contraptions. An injera cooker looks like a giant electric pancake griddle. Buy one of these things for a family, and you have just bought them their livelihood.


Approximately 10% of our community in Kara Kore Ethiopia drink directly from unsafe puddles or ponds. They run an extreme risk of contracting deadly waterborne illnesses. It costs only $65 to install a bio-sand filter at their home, which will ensure them clean drinking and cooking water for over 13 years. 

Bio-Sand Water Filters in Kara Kore