Our Program

On the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, lies an extremely poor neighborhood called Kara Kore. Most families live together in single-room huts, and food is scarce. Lelt Foundation’s Child Sponsorship Program assists severely malnourished children in this village. We provide them with a nourishing meal and after-school tutoring classes daily. The children have seen amazing progress in their health and education. We also provide them with tuition support, school supplies, computer training, adequate shelter, medical needs, and psychological counseling.

Meet the children

Interaction with your Sponsor Child/Family

Our directors see the Repi School kids daily at the Lunch Program. They are directly involved with the children’s health, education, and their family’s progress. They will be updating you on the child’s growth, and you will receive emails and/or photos on a monthly basis. You are also welcome to write letters to your sponsored child, if you desire.

Our Directors' Commitment

Our directors are members of the community, and this program is their life’s work. Girma Amdie and Wubit Ashenafi live in Kara Kore, have been in leadership roles throughout their careers, and have worked closely with the Ethiopian government to organize this community-wide program to assist their neighborhood. Their plan is large in scope: they are training adults in micro poultry and garden agriculture to encourage self-sufficiency, and focusing on health and education for children. Girma holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management, and Wubit has diplomas in Computer Science, IT, and a Bachelors of Accounting. She also has certification in HIV/AIDS prevention training.