You can make a difference. Tell the world you believe we can lift women and children out of extreme poverty in Ethiopia. Create your own fundraising campaign page NOW.

Invite your friends over and help raise donations in your living room. Host an Ethiopian jewelry party, grab some snacks and wine and give a short Lelt presentation, or head to your gym for a cross-fit competition. We'll provide you all the materials to plan your own great events! Just click here.

Have you been itching to get out there and make a difference? Want to fly to Ethiopia and help out at our Community Center? Learn more here.

Get the kids involved! Lemonade stands, bake sales, art/craft sales, car wash, soccer tournaments… All of it is fun, inspires global empathy and helps children in Ethiopia. Learn more here.

Other Ways To Help

  • volunteer
  • Birthday
  • Farm Animals
  • Shop with compassion


Do you have mad skills? Skills that would assist a nonprofit organization to do some good work? We would love your assistance! Just click here.